19 Oct 2011

Stylish Chic: Kelly Rowland

I’ve always loved Kelly Rowland but I was never a fan of her style, but I must say she stepped her style game up recently. She’s definitely sexed it up; her style is sexier, raunchy and saucy. Hmm maybe she hired a new stylish to sex up her image??

What do you think of Kelly's new style?

XoXo Patrice


  1. shes getting there. In the red dress all she needs to change is that hair, uugh. Ive always been more of a Kelly Rowland fan rather than Beyonce so Iam glad she finally getting some good spotlight

  2. showing potential! I love the blue trousers and the mustard blazer. Definitely got some great pieces in her wardrobe, though I agree with the above comment that her hair needs some work!!



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