30 Sep 2010

Ciara - Speechless (Official Video)

So the official video for ciara's speechless dropped today, the video is quite boring to be honest with you but i love the song it reminds me that soulful sound that r&b music use to have.

XoXo Patrice

26 Sep 2010

Shoegasm Moment.....

I am so in LOVE with these shoe, just had a shoegasm moment..... I was so shocked to see they were only $200 which is only £126 had to order them straight away abit sad that am not receiving them until November :-(
Fever Shoes

Dawn Richard (Dirty Money)
Rosic (BET 106 & Park)

Angela Simmons

XoXo Patrice

25 Sep 2010

Keri Hilson's Breaking Point Video

keri looks amazin in this video lovin the blonde hair.

XoXo Patrice

Monica - All I Know Is Me

This is such an amazing song and it has a very positive message, not everyone is gonna like the way that you are but you need to remember that you are not perfect no one is and the only person u can be is YOU. Dont change who you are to please anyone and if a person cannot love you for who you are then you are better off without that person.

XoXo Patrice
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