29 Dec 2010

Chipmunk Feat. Chris Brown - Champion

People need to stop hating on Jamal aka chipmunk because I think he has proven himself in the music business, he has achieve more than a lot of them grime artist and he is the one along with other artist paving the way for them so why hate if its gonna help you in the long run. Don't hate on a person for achieving, congratulate them and one day you might be able to achieve what they achieved.
I don't know how much more Chris Brown can do, to be honest but at this point my advise to him will be just do you and let go and let god deal with it. I think he expressed himself very clearly on this track and I think he is truly a champion.

P.S. Love the track. Keep doing what you doing. 

XoXo Patrice

28 Dec 2010

LaBelleFemme Interviews Shavonne DeAnn

I've been so busy lately, am now finally getting a chance to post my interview with the talented Shavonne DeAnn, who i  featured on my blog a few weeks back.

1) LaBelleFemme: 
Q. How long have you been a designer?

Shavonne DeAnn:
A. Ive been designing clothes professionally since 2004

2) LaBelleFemme:  
Q. How did you first get into fashion?

Shavonne DeAnn:
A. I first got into fashion  when I was in high school, it was around the time when I was a sophomore. I started making outfits for myself and people around my neighborhood. As I get flashbacks of what I did soooo not cool *laughing*

3) LaBelleFemme:
Q. How Old are you now?

Shavonne DeAnn:
Ummmmm... Do I have to say? *laughing*

*laughs* yes you have to Shavonne

Shavonne DeAnn:
Ok, am 26

4) LaBelleFemme:
Q. What was your inspiration behind your Fall 2010 Collection?

Shavonne DeAnn:
A. The inspiration I had for my Fall collection was more so based around colors, fabrics and comfort. Where as normally I will take a concept or idea and base it around that, but I took a different route.

5) LaBelleFemme :
Q. How would you describe your Fall 2010 Collection?

Shavonne DeAnn:
A. I'm still new and I'm still learning new and different things as they come so I don't have a definite explanation of what I would describe my line as of yet, but I'm getting there. However, I must say I want my customers to feel sexy, confident, comfortable and coming back for more!

6) LaBelleFemme:
Q. This might be a hard question for you. Who's your favorite designer and why?

Shavonne DeAnn:
A.  My favorite designer... I have many, but I will say Marc Jacobs! His design aesthetic, the quality of his garments everything is amazing that he does. LOVE that man! I'm gonna meet him one day! 

Also help Shavonne DeAnn raise money to kickstart her clothing line 
You can pledge from $1 to $500, please show you support donate whatever you can no matter how small.

XoXo Patrice

25 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas Dolls

 Merry Christmas dolls, hope you all have a lovely christmas. x

XoXo Patrice

24 Dec 2010

Sales, Sales...Sales

Topshop online sales starts today and will start in store on the 26th of December.

 Favorites from the Topshop sale.

Pleat Shoulder Biker Jacket £55 Sale Price £35

Velevt Stripe Tee £38 Sale price £25

Knitted Slash Sleeve Top £40 Sale Price £25
Chain Harness Vest £28 Sale Price £12

The Harrods sales is already online and in store.

Favorites from the Harrods sale..

Alexander McQueen, Angel Black Leather Boot £575 Sale Price £429

CHLOE, Shiver Black Leather Boot £760 Sale Price £455
PREEN, Lou Lace Dress £499 Sale Price £359

The Harvey Nichols Sale has started in store and online.

Favorites from the Harvey Nichols sales
T By Alexander Wang, Hooded Zip Poncho £230 Sale Price £115

D&G, Lace Cami Print T- Shirt £110 Sale Price £55

XoXo Patrice

Woohooo Its Christmas Eve...

I get so excited about Christmas not because of the gifts but because of the quality time i get to spend with all my family, oh and the food how could i forget that. Christmas is a about sharing, spreading love and spending quality time with the people you love the most.

XoXo Patrice

11 Dec 2010

Dare To Be Different With... FASHION

With fashion you need to be daring, different, push the limit, step out of the box and try out new things.

Images Via: Yard Rock

XoXo Patrice

9 Dec 2010

Shoegasm Moment.....

Christian Louboutin Rolandzip 120 suede platform pumps £495

Prada Leopard Platform Pumps

XoXo Patrice

Christmas Gifts For Her

Michael Kors rose gold-plated stainless steel watch £195

 Marc by Marc Jacobs Acetate headphones  £65
This Marc by Marc Jacobs head phones would make a perfect gift for any girl this Christmas.
Alexander McQueen Skull Print Laptop case £250
This Alexander McQueen skull print laptop case is so chick and rock & roll, makes a perfect gift for Christmas. Might be abit pricey..

XoXo Patrice

Kerry Washington Covers LA Mag

 I love this photo shoot of Kerry, its a completely different look for her. Love it

XoXo Patrice

Happy 22nd Birthday To Me!!!

Its was my birthday over the weekend i turned 22 on the 6th of December. yes i am a Sagittarius, i think its the best month to be born in. hehe
Heres a few flicks from my bday.

I had so much fun so thankful i have wonderful friends and family around me.

Dresses by Saint Best Boutique

XoXo Patrice

Birthday Weekend

Been so busy of lately hardly had anytime to blog. It was my birthday weekend so i was so busy sorting out my bday. Had so much fun, now its back to business.

XoXo Patrice

2 Dec 2010

Young Upcoming Designer: Shavonne Deann

Her Name is Shavonne DeAnn, Her Thing is Fashion!!
Her mission is "to dress women around the globe and make them look fashionably chic from head to toe!"

check out my favorite pieces from her fall 2010 collection.
Love This Dress But Its Sold Out :-(

This is the dress Angela Simmons is wearing below

Love This Playsuit

Was just browsing the Internet and saw this lovely white dress by a designer called Shavonne DeAnn. Checked out her website fell in love with her stuff. I would describe her designs as fun, sexy, funky and quirky. Not sure if her stuff are available in the UK but i think you can order it from her website, which is listed below. I will try and get a interview with her for you guy. X

 Yep celebs wear her clothes too, here is Angela Simmons in Shavonne DeAnn.

Check her out on:
Twitter: www.twitter.com\ShavonneDeAnn
Facebook:  Shavonne DeAnn
Website: www.shavonnedeann.bigcartel.com

XoXo Patrice
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