25 Jul 2011

Shoegasm: Jennifer Hudson & Angela Simmons In Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Platform Wedges

Angela Simmons tweeted these pictures of her rocking some killer blue crystallized platform wedge sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti, Jennifer Hudson also seen sporting the same Giuseppe Zanotti crystal platform wedges in black.

The sexy Giuseppe Zanotti crystal platform wedges features a cut out upper leather crystallized straps which form mimics that of a butterfly’s wings, with flirty peep toe will make your feet look sexy, while the crystal-embellished straps already create a captivating look. This  5 1/2 inch wedge is every girls dream shoes, but with a price tag of £890, these babies don't come cheap.

XoXo Patrice

Shoegasm: Kandee AW 2011

I'm a huge fan of Kandee shoes... I tried to contain my excitement when Josh (founder of Kandee shoe) post some pictures from Kandees AW 2011 collection, I had to write a blog post straight away. The collection is filled with colourful colours, animal prints, spikes and diamonds. Ranging from platform pumps to two coloured print ankle boots the collection is filled with surprises. I cant imaging what the rest of the collection is going to look, I'm so looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection. Check out the new and improved Kandee website www.kandeeshoes.com

Keep up with Kandee on:
Twitter @kandeeshoes

*sigh* I think I just had a shoegasm!

XoXo Patrice

20 Jul 2011

Shoegasm: Charlotte Olympia's Resort 2012 Collection


Shoegasm!!!!!!! I'm seriously in love with Charlotte Olympia's Resort 2012 collection. Ive always been a big fan of Charlotte Olympia's heels and I adore there 2012 Resort collection. Charlotte Olympia's shoe are instantly recognize by their signature two-inch front platform. The label's Resort 2012 collection is rife with platform pumps, colorful satin, leopard, denim and polka dots. If 5inch heels are not your thing their is also a few options in the collection for you too. Peep the rest of the collection below.

19 Jul 2011

Cool Online Stores: Snazzy Ziplets

 I recently came across this cool online store called "Snazzy Ziplets", the store feature these amazing handmade ziplet bracelets. 

Ziplets are simply bracelets made out of zips. Ziplets can be wore zipped up as one bracelet or unzipped as two's with a wide variety of styles to choose from.
Yasmin whom is the mastermind behind
Snazzy Ziplets got the idea of ziplets  while she studying at university. After she leaving university in January she decided to started to designing more bracelets because of huge demand for ziplets and the positive feed backs from friends and customers. She has now expanded her collection with zip necklaces, charm necklaces and elastic stretch bracelets.

Check out her online store at www.snazzyziplets.co.uk

Twitter: @SnazzyZiplets

XoXo Patrice

15 Jul 2011

Its Finally Here.... Peaches Boutique

Ive been working so hard these few past week, so excited, I can finally share with you dolls what Ive been working on. I'm launching an online jewellery store with my friend and business partner Linessa. Its an online boutique selling fashion jewellery and accessory.

Peaches boutique is a new online jewellery boutique which will be launching on Saturday the 16Th of July 2011 at 12am (based on UK time). The website features quirky, vintage inspired and bold jewellery designs which are exclusive to the site.  The collection ranges from casual day time wear jewellery to out on the town statement pieces. 
The  boutique is a perfect jewellery box for every girl, with unique pieces to suit every ones personal style. It provides the opportunity of owning a one of a kind piece of jewellery, that won't be seen anywhere else on the high street, at affordable prices. Unique style doesn't have to break the bank!

Ive decided to give all of my readers an exclusive peek.

Check Out The Boutique On :

Facebook: www.facebook.com/peachesboutiqueuk
Twitter: @PeachesBoutUK
Website: www.peachesboutique.bigcartel.com

Hope you dolls liked what you saw. Be sure to check out the site when it goes live! :-)

XoXo Patrice

12 Jul 2011

Rihanna Is The New Face Of Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans

Giorgio Armani recently announced that Rihanna will be the new global testimonial for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans from autumn/winter 2011-12.  The advertising campaign featuring Rihanna, was shot on location in New York, but unfortunately the images from the campaign wont be released until September.

XoXo Patrice

Snap Shots: Jennifer Hudson for the Daily Mail

Jennifer Hudson recently sat down with Daily Mail to dish out everything from her weight loss, being an inspiration and her career. 

Would you agree that the odds are against plus-size women in the entertainment industry?
No, because I was doing OK before. But the truth is, so many more opportunities open up when you’re on the other side, as I am now. I’d no idea what I was missing out on. It’s like a whole other world. Suddenly every designer wants to dress you. It’s like, “You look amazing! Please, choose a dress. Have a bag. And what about shoes?” I mean, wow!

Is all the flattery, not to mention the freebies, hard to resist?
My look is led by what I feel good in. If I’m not comfortable in something, I won’t wear it – no matter whose name is on the label.
To be able to sing at this level is a blessing in itself, and I got publicity for what I was doing before I dieted. But never to this extent. Now, whenever I open a magazine, I seem to see myself there. And I get to dress up every day and have someone take photos of it all. For someone who loves fashion, it’s like living the dream. Of course there are those mornings when I think, “Please don’t look at me right now!” But you just have to pull yourself together, get out there and do your job. I mean, how lucky am I to be in this position?

On being an inspiration to others
I’ve never heard the word “inspiration” as often as I have this past year. I get stopped in the street, in airports, everywhere, by people saying, “You’re my inspiration,” and I don’t begin to know how to respond. What did I do to deserve it and what do I say? Like with the weight loss… I’d no idea so many people were watching me or that they cared.

On her fearless, go-getting attitude being the reason behind her career
Don’t block your blessings. Don’t let doubt stop you from getting where you want to be.” Those were the lessons that I took from American Idol. “OK, from now on I refuse to let anyone interrupt the vision I have for myself.” Sometimes I think we hurt ourselves by being too aware of the challenges. It can be better not to know. With Dream girls, I had absolutely no idea what I was letting myself in for until I was out there on the set.

via. Necole Bitchie

XoXo Patrice

3 Jul 2011

Shoegasm: 8 Inch Swarovski Christian Louboutins

Wow!! How amazing are these 8 inch swarovski detailed Christian Louboutins? The Killer heels were inspired by ballet shoes and designed as part of a charity event to benefit English National Ballet.
The shoes are expected to be sold for $75,000. OUCH!!

XoXo Patrice
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