19 Jul 2011

Cool Online Stores: Snazzy Ziplets

 I recently came across this cool online store called "Snazzy Ziplets", the store feature these amazing handmade ziplet bracelets. 

Ziplets are simply bracelets made out of zips. Ziplets can be wore zipped up as one bracelet or unzipped as two's with a wide variety of styles to choose from.
Yasmin whom is the mastermind behind
Snazzy Ziplets got the idea of ziplets  while she studying at university. After she leaving university in January she decided to started to designing more bracelets because of huge demand for ziplets and the positive feed backs from friends and customers. She has now expanded her collection with zip necklaces, charm necklaces and elastic stretch bracelets.

Check out her online store at www.snazzyziplets.co.uk

Twitter: @SnazzyZiplets

XoXo Patrice

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