5 Dec 2012

Peaches Boutique Sale!!

                                                      Safety Pin Ring  Was £9.00 Now £6.30
                                       How cute is the safety pin ring? Such a unique and chic ring.

                                    Vintage Inspired Harness Bracelet Was £15.00 Now £10.50
                             I absolutely love this vintage inspired harness bracelet, its also in the sale.
                                                   Silver Cross Was £7.00 Now £4.90

                                              Luxury Chic iPhone Case Was £15.00 Now £10.50

                                                Neon Skull Chain Collar Was £11.00 Now £7.70

                                       Melted 3D Ice Cream Iphone Case Was £10.00 Now £7.00

                                              Double Spike Ring Was £10.00 Now £7.00

                                                       Nail Ring Now £10.00 Was £7.00

Sorry dolls my last blogpost got deleted, here's a few more pieces from the sale. 30% off most item until the 9th of December. Happy Shopping   at WWW.PEACHES-BOUTIQUE.CO.UK!

XoXo Patrice

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