7 Jun 2012

Update: Knuckle Duster Iphone Case

Good Morning Ladies, has most of you already know I'm obsessed with iphone cases, my latest obsession is the melted ice cream iphone case, but I recently came across the knuckle duster iphone case. How freaking amazing is this case? Rihanna has been spotted with the edgy iphone case which retails for roughly around £63.97 ($99) www.knucklecase.com, but considering that's alot of money to spend on a phone case, I found a alternative knuckle duster case at www.inkedshop.com for £12.89 ($19.95) which is much cheaper.

*Update: I've got the Knuckle Duster Iphonecase in at my boutique for £10, you can buy it here.

XoXo Patrice

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