28 Nov 2011

Beyonce's Pregnancy Style

Beyonce is living proof that a woman can still be stylish during pregnancy. Its now become fashionable to show off your baby bump in a tight dress and strutting around in 4inch heel (not sure if that's safe lol). I would love to see other pregnant ladies embrace being pregnant, show off their curves, be sexy and beautiful because pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I love the fact that Beyonce aint afraid to be sexy or wear a tight dress because shes preganant. Go B!

What do you think of Beyonce's pregnancy style?

XoXo Patrice


  1. How is this safe. I think it's one thing to embrace pregnancy and another to be so insecure you have to wear 4 inch heels while heavily pregnant just to prove you are sexy..c'mon

  2. why are you hating hunni there's a such things called preg. footwear let her do her thing

    1. Agreed, and Anonymous, i would like to say that you can look just like beyonce if you visit my site... http://celebstyleforcheap.blogspot.com/


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