7 Sep 2011

Your Fashion Dilemma's Solved!

Normally I reply to everyone via email, but Ive been getting a lot of similar questions so i decided to answer every ones questions on my blog, this way is much easier for me. (P.S. I will still be replying via email)

Lenoir asked: "Do you know of any where i can find a fun, stylish & functional rain boots?"

By rain boots i think you mean wellies, their is loads of shops which sell wellies which are stylish and chic.  Ive attached a few below, hope i was helpful :D
These bright pink and white spot wellies are cute, chic and only cost £20 get them here

Or this cute red ankle wellie by River Island For £38, get it here.

Feel free to email me your fashion dilemma's.

XoXo Patrice

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