11 Jan 2011

Favorite Albums At The Moment

                                                                    1. Better Me
                                                                    2. Take Me Away
                                                                    3. Long Way Down
                                                                    4. Sometimes
                                                                    5. Tired Of Doing Me (feat Tank)
                                                             Favorite Tracks
                                                              1. Man Down
                                                              2. S&M
                                                              3. Complicated
                                                              4. Raining Man (feat. Nicki Minaj)
                                                              5. Whats My Name (feat. Drake) 

                                                            Favorite Tracks
                                                            1. One Night Stand (feat. Chris Brown)
                                                            2. Beautiful Mistake
                                                            3. Buy You (feat. J Cole)
                                                            4. Gimme What I Want
                                                            5. Toy Solider   
                                                              Favorite Tracks
                                                             1. Right Thru Me
                                                             2. Moment For Life (feat. Drake)
                                                             3. Did It On Em
                                                             4. Fly (feat. Rihanna)
                                                             5. I'm The Best
                                                                Favorite Tracks
                                                               1. Girls Get Your Money
                                                               2. Ride (feat. Ludacris)
                                                               3. Speechless
                                                               4. Wants For Dinner
                                                               5. Gimme Dat

I cant stop listening to these album, each in their own unique way brings something to the table. Music is such a beautiful thing, its like food to the soul..
Whats your favortie album at the moment?

XoXo Patrice

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