28 Dec 2010

LaBelleFemme Interviews Shavonne DeAnn

I've been so busy lately, am now finally getting a chance to post my interview with the talented Shavonne DeAnn, who i  featured on my blog a few weeks back.

1) LaBelleFemme: 
Q. How long have you been a designer?

Shavonne DeAnn:
A. Ive been designing clothes professionally since 2004

2) LaBelleFemme:  
Q. How did you first get into fashion?

Shavonne DeAnn:
A. I first got into fashion  when I was in high school, it was around the time when I was a sophomore. I started making outfits for myself and people around my neighborhood. As I get flashbacks of what I did soooo not cool *laughing*

3) LaBelleFemme:
Q. How Old are you now?

Shavonne DeAnn:
Ummmmm... Do I have to say? *laughing*

*laughs* yes you have to Shavonne

Shavonne DeAnn:
Ok, am 26

4) LaBelleFemme:
Q. What was your inspiration behind your Fall 2010 Collection?

Shavonne DeAnn:
A. The inspiration I had for my Fall collection was more so based around colors, fabrics and comfort. Where as normally I will take a concept or idea and base it around that, but I took a different route.

5) LaBelleFemme :
Q. How would you describe your Fall 2010 Collection?

Shavonne DeAnn:
A. I'm still new and I'm still learning new and different things as they come so I don't have a definite explanation of what I would describe my line as of yet, but I'm getting there. However, I must say I want my customers to feel sexy, confident, comfortable and coming back for more!

6) LaBelleFemme:
Q. This might be a hard question for you. Who's your favorite designer and why?

Shavonne DeAnn:
A.  My favorite designer... I have many, but I will say Marc Jacobs! His design aesthetic, the quality of his garments everything is amazing that he does. LOVE that man! I'm gonna meet him one day! 

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XoXo Patrice

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